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    Why must we remove deer antlers?

    First and foremost, we must remove the antlers from Deer before the ‘Roar’ or mating season to prevent them harming each other. In New Zealand this is March through to May. It’s called the ROAR for a reason and our stags can be heard for miles around bellowing out their unique sound. Cold frosty weather

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    Farmers Weekly: “Velvet quality keeps improving”

    This article was written by Annette Scott and originally published in Farmers Weekly on 6 April 2020. The article is good… the photo however shows overgrown antler, rather than deer velvet so it’s a bit misleading as overgrown antler would not be used in a high quality velvet product. We’ve been in touch to offer

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    How are we keeping you safe during the Covid-19 outbreak?

    With farming and food production considered an essential service during isolation, we want to keep sending Canes Deer Velvet out to the world. It’s important, because it supports the immune system in several different ways and helps the body to heal following tissue damage. We have made an application and are just waiting on clarification

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    Last week on the farm

    While most of New Zealand, and much of the world even, is in lock-down for reasons we are all aware of, farmers are considered essential services so life goes on pretty much as usual for us, with a few modifications to keep us all safe. This awesome team have been putting in the hours in

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    Circulation and Healing

    If you have poor blood circulation you’ll be interested to know that Canes Deer Velvet contains the right nutrients and growth factors to develop a new blood supply.

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    Exam Time Benefits

    In China students take Deer Velvet while studying for exams. There is widespread belief that it improves mental capacity. What many Westerners don’t know is that as well as being a physical tonic, this valuable natural supplement may also be a powerful tonic for the mind.

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    Deer Velvet and Immunity Research

    During its 2000 year history as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Deer Velvet has frequently been prescribed before and during winter as an immune system booster and a tonic for stress and fatigue.

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    Joint health benefits

    Arthritis, Joint Pain, Sports Injury, General aches or pains?
    The Canes Deer Velvet Antler supplements are ideal for joint pain relief including arthritis joint pain and hip joint pain.

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    Deer Velvet Growth Factor

    Deer Velvet has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for it’s anti-ageing properties, here’s why..

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    Canes Deer Velvet for Athletes

    Canes Deer Velvet Antler Supplements are ideal as Sports Nutrition Supplements. They contain an amazing blend of unique ingredients that interact together to bring real results for athletes in.

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